Frozen Eutectic Plates for Cargo 1300/1300TW

Frozen Eutectic Plates for Cargo 1300/1300TW - <p>To extend the temperature retention time of Cargo 1300/1300TW.<br /> With eutectic temperature of: -21&deg;C.<br />3 plates needed for each container Cargo 1300.<br /><span>4 plates needed for each container Cargo 1300TW.</span></p> Frozen Eutectic Plates for Cargo 1300

  • Activation systems for frozen products.
  • They act as thermal energy storage, which is released during transport, allowing to extend the time of maintaining the temperature of perishable products.
  • Particularly suitable in the case in which the containers are not used to full load.
  • With eutectic temperature of -21°C, for transportation of frozen foodstuffs.
  • Suitable for use inside the containers Cargo 1300/1300TW.
  • Easy to prepare for use: the frozen plate is to be frozen to -30°C.
  • They do not require electrical power for their operation.
  • Thanks to the excellent eutectic properties, they maintain for a long time perishable products to the optimum storage temperature.
  • They ensure proper temperature retention, limiting the risk of bacterial proliferation and preserving the quality of foods and their organoleptic properties.
  • The eutectic content inside of the plates is non-toxic: maximum safety even in case of accidental contact with the food.
  • Fully recyclable at the end of operating life.

Code: PE110002
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 835x353x45h
Weight: 7,3 kg
Packing: 1